Women of Faith & Purpose


Our mission is to be a catalyst and liaison to virtuous young ladies and women, empowering, encouraging, and equipping them to exercise their God given faith; realizing and accepting their purpose in life; by trusting and believing God in, through, and for every solution and direction of their life.


Our vision is to effectively receive, love and touch the lives of every young lady and woman that walk through the doors of MCHOP and those in the community whether in correction facilities, homeless shelters, and/or from other walks of life.


Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord. ~ Luke 1:45

What is Let It Go Women's Weekend about?

The LET IT GO! Women's Weekend is an extension of the Women's Ministry [Women of Faith & Purpose] at Mount Calvary House of Prayer located in Jackson, Michigan. It is a weekend designed to give women from all walks of life an intentional time apart from the everyday obligations of a women’s life. It is a time to experience a new awareness of the presence of God and an opportunity to get some distance and see life from a different perspective. It is a time to LET IT ALL GO; the busyness of being a full-time working woman, mother, daughter, wife, sister, aunt, niece or whatever hat(s) you wear on a daily basis. It is a time to just release and breathe in surroundings conducive to rest, relaxation, and fun so that each woman can return with a renewed sense of living as daughters of Christ.



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 Our Story

It was December 2014 where LET IT GO! was birth in the basement of Kesha's home as a women's brunch. Twelve young ladies and women gathered for a time of fellowship and reflection on the year and set goals for the upcoming year by letting go of any negativity that may have plagued us, we did not want to bring it into the year 2015.  It was a time of sharing, giving, reflecting and most of all letting go.  Needless to say the brunch ended successfully but left us wanting more; as a result, it grew from a brunch to a Women's Weekend; from twelve women to approximately fifty women. It is our goal to continue letting go of anything that may hinder our relationship with God and reaching our destiny.



Meet the Host


Kesha McKitty


Email: letitgo1214@yahoo.com

Lady Kesha McKitty was born and raised in Chicago Illinois; and is married to the love of her life Pastor Douglas McKitty of Mount Calvary House of Prayer Church in Jackson, Michigan.

She is the leader and supporter of two ladies ministries "Women of Faith & Purpose" (WFP) & "Daughters of Virtue" (DOV). These ministries were realized and scripturally based on Luke 1:45 “And blessed is she that believe for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.”  She emphasizes the importance of trusting and believing God for ALL things and holding Him to His Word.

She is a candid, down-to-earth woman that shares her testimonies and triumphs and is an example that God is a Redeemer, a Keeper, and a Sustainer no matter what life brings our way.  She encourages all to trust God with their lives because He has a better design than we could ever plan for ourselves.

Lady McKitty has a B.A. Degree in Community Relations with an emphasis in Sociology & Business from Michigan State University; and, a M.B.A. Degree in Nonprofit Management & Leadership from Walden University. She is ordained as a minister under Prelate Bishop Robert and Elect Lady Andrea Benard of Christ Temple Ministries International.  She is the mother of five beautiful children Keshava, Elie, Nyla, Cherished, and Adjoni (AJ) & has two grand-sons Darius Jr. and Amari Isaiah.


















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